Indoor/Outdoor wireless products came in Ubiquiti supply by G-Matrix India.


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  • High speed 5.8/2.4Ghz wireless radio , 5.8Ghz Air fiber 5U , Air fiber 5X , Power Beam m5 400 , Rocket m5 , Sector antenna 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz , Omni antenna , AP,Tough switches , POE switches , and Surveillance.



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Latest technologies  Wireless Antennas make your network better ..


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Related imageWe provide various kind of products Ubiquiti wireless radio , set your Network easily in wireless connectivity through ubiquiti Products are ideal for home and business users needing an affordable, stable, high-speed wired and wireless network, enable people’s multi-media entertainment and office business to become truly mobile within their own home. You are able to work from any room or even outside yard with no added cables or wiring to worry about if you use UBIQUITY wireless product. We provide a series of UBIQUITY products ensuring with proper range and coverage that you need. UBIQUITY’s wired and wireless products are the best choice to meet your needs.

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